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MentCon – Mental Conditioning for Warriors


Train your mind to be more focused and steady under the stress of conflict with Mental Conditioning (Ment-Con) Training. You will learn simple, practical exercises, that can increase your focus, situational awareness, and mental capacity for successful conflict resolution.

This course is for professionals whose careers place them in high-stress environments on a regular basis.

This course is taught by Jeff Takeda, a former United States Marine and active Law Enforcement Officer with over 20 years of experience.


  • Introduction to Mindfulness / Mental Conditioning
  • The OODA Loop
  • Fight or Flight Response
  • Mindfulness and Warrior Culture
  • Guided Exercise 1
  • Guided Exercise 2
  • Making MentCon a Daily Practice
  • Ment Con Breathing Techniques

You will earn a certificate of completion upon successful completion of this course.