S.A.B.R. (Situational Awareness & Behavioral Recognition)

S.A.B.R. (Situational Awareness & Behavioral Recognition)



The Covered 6 Situational Awareness & Behavioral Recognition (S.A.B.R) program is designed specifically for Executive Protection and Physical Security Specialist. This program was developed as a part of our Department of Labor approved programs.

For the security professional Situational Awareness & Behavioral Recognition is a critical area of knowledge to develop. No other aspect of training can put you ahead of the problem like to ability to become more situationally aware. The ability to determine and use behavior recognition as a means to predict violence and crime is life-saving for the security professional and their clients.

We have used his knowledge to keep our clients safe and establish ourselves in the top 1% of security industry professionals. It has been used by our security professionals to keep our high net worth clientele safe the world over, no other tool is able to be utilized on a daily basis in a wide range of applications. S.A.B.R can be used in a GSOC, residential security, corporate security, and executive protection and is literally a tool that is with you in every circumstance.

The skills you develop in this course will change how you perform security and can benefit you in every relationship in your life. What other skill sets can accomplish that?