Open Source Intelligence For Professionals Series

Brought to you by Covered 6 & Sandra Stibbards of Camelot Investigations

OSINT for Professionals Course

Due to the sensitive nature of this course we require everyone who would like to enroll to fill out the form below for vetting. Once approved you will be sent an enrollment link and directed to the payment portal for processing and then admitted into the course.

MODULE 1 is a pre-requisite for all other OSINT courses on our platform. This is because to ensure success we need to set the stage and ensure all the tools and accounts are set-up properly to accomplish the mission.

Once you have been vetted you will be allowed to access Module1. Once Module 1 has been successfully completed you will have access to enroll in any of the other 7 modules in this series.

Overview of Module 1: 

The Overview and Introduction to OSINT course is the first of a series of eight OSINT courses. The main objective of this course is to provide a foundation of OSINT knowledge , skills, and tools needed for the rest of the courses and success in your career and an investigator. 

Topics covered in this introductory module:

  • Orientation and Overview of OSINT (5 topics)
  • [LAB] Setup Lab Environment (6 topics)
  • Privacy and Security – Online Protection of your Identity, Activity, and Information (7 topics)
  • [LAB] Setting Up Your Online Research Identity (7 topics)
  • [LAB] Review of OSINT VM (6 topics)
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Cost:

** Note: Once your application has been approved you will receive an email with a link to register and pay. **